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Are you currently planning your wedding and don't know which venue to pick?

Here are some of Jörg's favorite venues and places to travel.

More questions? Feel free to contact us.


Hanakyle's skilled and sensitive bodywork will ease nerves and melt your stress away, so you’ll feel balanced, calm, and ready to celebrate. Releasing any tight muscles will free up your inherent energy and happiness, so you can be present throughout your special day and truly feel the love surrounding you. In addition to massage, Hanakyle also offer group yoga classes and personalized aroma therapy essential oil blends to round out your relaxation experience.


Unique services which will make your day even more special . . .


The Edison Ballroom is an elegant private event space in the heart of Times Square. Originally opened in the 1930’s as the Grand Ballroom of the adjacent Edison Hotel, this historical venue reopened in 2008 after a multi-million dollar renovation that preserved its original art-deco flair. With its award-winning executive chef and personalized service, the Edison Ballroom continues to provide the perfect environment for all occasions.


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