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This fun session helps you to get to know Jörg. Your experience with Jörg will create a more comfortable atmosphere on your wedding day. With every engagement session Jörg will include a selection of signature images (see below). A session takes 1 1/2 hours on average and is $600. Extended Engagement Sessions with one of our experienced lighting assistants will take up to 3 hours, we can use several locations, use more advanced lighting techniques and we could also do night shots if the timing is right. Extended Engagement Session are $900. There is the option of hiring us for an Engagement Sessions only.



Signature Images are Jörg's artistically enhanced favorite images of your session. Not all services include Signature Images, however you can always request individual photographs to be turned into specific Signature Images for $50 per photograph.

Below is an example of how an original image vs. a Signature Image looks like. Use the slider to see the difference:

Please contact us for more information.

Don't forget: You can also get amazing Photo Albums of your Engagement shoot for friends and family - and of course yourself.

Click for more information on Albums & Books or Wall & 3D Art.

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